Some horror games do not look scary in the beginning. For example, Hungry Lamu. You meet a cute animal and get a funny task to feed your new virtual friend. It does not seem to be difficult to take Lamu to the garden and get some fruits and berries for him. However, it will soon turn out that it is quite challenging to fill the stomach of this hungry animal. Besides, his behavior will gradually change. At a particular moment, he will become so aggressive that he will kill innocent fruits that just want to make friends with him.

Who is this evil character?

The plot abruptly changes when it gets dark. You are no longer in a cartoon-looking location but in a gloomy part. The hero has also strangely transformed. Now he looks like a human and is really scary. Lamu keeps walking in the garden where he finds several dead bodies. They vaguely remind you something. Suddenly you realize that these victims were killed in the same cruel way as the fruits you met earlier. Who is this terrible Lamu in reality and whom did he kill?

Hungry Lamu

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