Some horror stories are so nerve-wracking that not all players find the courage to play them to the very end. The Balckrooms is one of them. Even if the plot does not look too twisted, you will feel goosebumps shortly after you plunge into it. So you start in an abandoned maze. It looks old and smells like nobody stepped here for ages. All rooms and corridors are decorated with faded wallpapers. And the place is lit by dim bulbs. Your task is to find an exit. But what seems to be a simple quest, will soon turn into a dreadful survival! This maze will turn out to be endless. Besides, you will have some paranormal beings after you. Any mistake may lead you to a tragedy.

Is there any exit at all?

You will keep walking and walking through endless rooms – they all look identical! You may even suspect that this maze is just created by your imagination. But it is not so. You need to act differently if you want to survive. Soon you will understand that you are not alone here, you will hear strange sounds behind your back. Someone is definitely watching you. So you must speed up. Make sure you interact with everything you find around – even the most ridiculous objects may have a helpful hint. Be especially attentive not to miss scraps of paper. These have different phrases. Collect all paper pieces to put together a secret message that may help you to find a door out of here. Do not let your fear to fully seize you – the solution is somewhere on the surface and you will see it soon!

The Balckrooms

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