It is a new indie horror adventure where you will have to confront a really terrible monster. This is the man from the window, a terrible creature that can walk through the walls and kill everyone he wants. Whom will he target this time? You will play for a little rabbit who is home alone and decides to read a book. This way he learns about a really scary personage who has exclusive powers to enter any house he wants and increase his victim list. The little rabbit is very scared, but his mother laughs at him, telling this is only a fairy tale.

But someone taps on the window!

The same moment they heard someone trying to enter their house through the window. That terrible monster exists! No one could survive the meeting with him. You need to help the characters hide and win time. If they manage to keep the monster busy for 5 minutes, they will remain alive. You should not forget to use different tricks to distract the attention of the enemy – mislead him with sweets, make some barriers on his way and even use magic rhymes to stop his for some time. You should do everything very fast to prevent the man from the window from grabbing poor rabbits. Even if the walkthrough is quite short, you will adore this fast-paced adventure.

Man From The Window

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