It is another cool adventure that will fully immerse you in the horror atmosphere. You play for a girl who unexpectedly wakes up in a deep and gloomy forest. She has no idea how she got there. But it is more than obvious that she needs to look for the way out. However, it will be not a simple task to navigate the forest full of threats and risks. You will have to find clues to a series of puzzles before you succeed. Soon you will reach a house on the hill – now you need to explore it.

Will you pass this trial?

The house is also full of dangers. His place is haunted, and the heroine’s life is in danger. You must help her to move around and find more clues. There are some strange characters which you will meet during the walkthrough. Make sure you find the right approach to then and avoid the negative consequences. Only your logical thinking can become your guide in this creepy adventure. If you make too many mistakes, you may be trapped in this dreadful place forever. Do not let it happen!

Forgotten Hill: Fall

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