If you enjoyed the FNAF series where you had to survive several nights with evil animated toys, you will also like a new project with a similar plot. But this time, you will have to explore a kindergarten. The place is associated with a terrible story – one day, all kids disappeared from here. And now, you need to visit this abandoned place and try to look for some new evidence. However, the character’s plan is immediately ruined when he realizes he is not alone there!

Make sure you survive here!

The place has turned out to be full of strange creatures. These are kindergarten mascots that came to life and are all over the location. Some of them are quite harmless, but others are not happy about your visit. And they will try to stop you. So get ready to overcome a lot of obstacles. Your opponents will set multiple traps to lure you in and get rid of you. Be careful when you move forward not to be captured by treacherous enemies. You will have a drone that will help you reach the most distant corners to unveil horrifying secrets. Logic and instant reaction are two factors that may help you successfully complete this mission. Both kids and adults will love this adventure.

Garten Of Banban

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