Are you fond of stories that are full of thrills? Then you must play Alternate watch. This is an analog horror game, which means you will experience something new and exciting this time. You will take on the role of a night guard. But you will not be physically present in a place you need to control. All your duties are to watch the house via the screen. There are surveillance cameras installed there, and you can switch between all premises with just a click. So, you need to monitor this distant place through the night to exclude any strange happenings.

Record all anomalies!

What can happen in the house that is empty? You will be shocked, but you will face a lot of anomalies here. These can be lots of different events – from simply displaced furniture or other objects to terrible intruders! The latter are the alternates. These are creepy paranormal entities that have really malicious intentions. When you see anything like this on the screen, you should immediately report the anomaly. There is a special button with several categories you should choose from. Make sure you do not miss anything if you want to hold out till the morning. Alternates are hardly predictable and can bring you a lot of harm.

Alternate Watch

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