Discover a perfect horror game with cute characters. These are two friends – an adventurous girl Amanda and her faithful friend, Woolie the sheep. They look very close and friendly, but slowly the mood of the main heroine starts to change as you move through the gameplay. Amanda always has a new idea to implement, and her friend seems to fully support her in everything. But soon, it becomes clear that the girl just does not give her companion any other chance.

What happens to Woolie?

You watch all this story on the old VHS tapes that you find in the attic. The relations between Amanda and her friend get a bit tense with each new episode. It even seems that Woolie is a bit afraid of her. And quite unexpectedly, the little sheep disappears after one episode. You cannot tell for sure what has happened with this personage. However, you have enough suspicions to think he did not vanish voluntarily. Keep watching the tapes – maybe soon you will get responses to your questions. But be ready that you may not like the truth!

Will your ending be positive?

The game is built in a way that you can continuously make choices. Amanda usually insists on a particular option, and it looks she gets mad if someone disagrees with her. Can the girl just pretend to be funny and outgoing? She may have entirely different intentions! And the last tape need to clear it out. This game has several endings, and not all of them are positive for the player. So think well before you take your next step – your ending may be good, bad or secret! It all will depend on your answers – Amanda will ask you a lot of different things during the game. Now you know everything you need to start on this cool adventure! And try to remain alive!

Amanda The Adventurer All Endings

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